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Welcome to Nuggets

Nuggets is a collection of easy, bite-sized tutorials and developer tools in the web development world. They're designed to help newer developers learn new technologies. Ideally you could get value out of these in just a couple hours on a Saturday afternoon.

All of these courses and tools are open-sourced on my Github, and I highly encourage you to contribute. Not only can you fix errors, but you can easily add new lessons and posts to any of them. All you need to know is Markdown.

Learn something new:

Hi. I'm Eric.

This is my collection of tutorials. I hope you enjoy 'em.

I'm a developer currently living in Portland, OR. I like making the web a more beautiful place.

The first time I wrote a big ol' blog post it was about CSS Layout. Since it was out in the world with my name on it, I had to *really* make sure I knew what I was talking about. And I was shocked at how much this helped me cement these ideas.

Since then, I've been making these mini-turotials to make sure I'm cementing the new technologies I learned.

The double bonus benefit is that I get to pass this knowledge on. Thus, Nuggets.

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